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Specific Areas In Sheffield

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I'm starting to look at a number of different cities to build my property portfolio this year. I've got one in the pipeline in Liverpool and starting to research where next. I like the look of Sheffield and planning a trip up in the spring to have a look round. I live in London and I would love someone who has a bit of local knowledge to provide me with a bit of advise on particular areas to look. I'm concentrating in the city centre and have a budget of £100k.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!



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Hi Laurie,

Great to see you are expanding on your portfolio. Sheffield has good potential high yield and capital growth. 

What type of property you looking for? Also, are you concentrating on yield or capital appreciation? (Both can be achieved but is good to concentrate on one in my personal opinion)

Are you currently looking at other areas you may need help with? 

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Hi. I'm also looking for similar property. My sisters have just moved to Sheffield and were outbid on 2 properties they wanted to rent which made me think Sheffield might be a good place to invest. 

My main motivation is cash flow obviously potential capital growth won't hurt. Would love to hear local knowledge or be pointed to the correct sources for further research. 

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