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Valuer deems property unmortgageable dut to proximity of pub

Lee  W

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just obtained a legal pack from auctioneer on a property that was not sold at auction and is now in open market.

In the legal pack was a valution report done for Aldermore,


The valuer has deemed the property unmortgageable due to the proximity of a pub. (Its over the road)


Surely, there are thousands of properties over the road from pubs/nightclubs etc that have mortgages on them.


Can anyone fill in the blanks for me please? Is aldermore unique in this, or am i just best to 'let it go'?


many thanks



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Hi Lee,


This is just unmortgagable within the lender’s guidelines. 


When a lender intructs a valuer, it’ll give them some guidelines/criteria that they want the property to meet. 


Just because this property doesn’t meet Aldermores criteria, doesn’t mean it won’t meet the criteria of another lender. 


Hope this help!

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