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Reporting a Dodgy Landlord (Student HMO)

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Hi Everyone,


After reading the HMO Landlady Blog regarding maintenance philosophy I'd like to know how I could go about reporting a Landlord for Illegal practice...




It was about 3 years ago now while I was at University but he was a terrible landlord of a terrible property which I cant imagine could have conformed to regulations.


I'm almost certain its not licensed.


And he stole our deposit. (I don't believe it was ever placed in a scheme).




Is there a simple way to report the address for the matter to be looked into?


Thanks for your help!



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Arin hi,


A good question - and one that many students should raise.  If a property is an HMO (see my post in "I need advice" on Student Lets) it does need to be licnsed by the local council - so the first prot of call is the local council of where you were living.  It is highly likely that the property is still in use and possible that the landlord is still below the council's radar.  Ask to speak to the housing department and mention you want to discuss HMOs.  When you get through you will need to explain your circumstances.


My only concern is that making a complaint 3 years after it occurred could be a problem but if the property is still being let the council may be able to do something - however their right of access to the property may be limited if the current incumbants do not invite them in.  If the situation is as bad now as it appears it may have been when you were there it is probable that environmental health or the fire brigade should also be interested.

In Boston, where I work the council has a hotline for reporting rogue landlords and it is having increasing effect on landlords being caught out.  I am also working on the council taking on rogue letting agents too to raise standards across the whole PRS/

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