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Having spent a significant amount of time online researching and assessing my options, I have yet to come to a conclusion. Please could you help?

I live in a flat valued in the region of 300k

I am moving to another city due to work and I am a higher rate tax payer

I'd like to rent out my current flat (main residence) via Ltd company (SPV) as I intend to build a portfolio going forward.

How do you go about with the sale and mortgage (ltd company)? I have a mortgage broker already

How would you value the current flat to sell to the ltd company?

Is it better to value it low and sell to the ltd company? In which case stamp duty is low but I have less equity to apply for LTD company mortgage (%LTV)

Or value higher? SDLT is higher, but I have more equity when applying for BTL morgage?  


Am I missing something here? Is there anything else I need to consider? 


Many thanks for your help!


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