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Japanese knotweed

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Hi first post and just looking for some advice.


I am just getting started and have seen a property that I feel has a lot of potential. The property had originally sold but as the buyer went to get a mortgage, they were turned down as the property has got this Japanese knotweed at the back of the garden. My question is has anyone come across this stuff before and is it difficult to get rid of or expensive? The agent said it is a case of getting someone to remove it and putting root blocker in but I'm wary. If anyone has any experience regards this I'd appreciate it.



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I've not had to deal with Japanese Knotweed myself but I know the people behind Phlorum, who could help.  The linked page includes a section on refused mortgages too.

My understanding is that it's not something you should try to deal with yourself and cost of removal really depends on the size/location of infestation.


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