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im a 19 year old boy from south east London looking to get into the property game heavy and really need some help.


My Situation


 Im new to all of this and i have recently been told that you don't need any cash or credit to get started. you just need to learn how to make connections, crunch numbers and get detailed information.


If somebody is looking for a property to buy or rent you just play the middle man and find it for them and take your cut. im aware this is called property sourcing but there isn't any courses or apprenticeships i can take to get my feet wet. I really have a passion for this and can see myself doing well in this field but i need help with the basics.


What do I need to get started?


Where do I start?


I contemplated contacting a property source and just asking to tag along for the day in hope he would take me under his wing and show me the ropes but i thought to come on here and express my issue. maybe theres another way

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Hey Anthony


Man now, not boy please :)


Good idea to try and shadow and existing sourcer, maybe go to some property network meetings (I have a list on the Resources page on my website) and in the section where they ask you to say what you want...this would be the time to ask.


In the interim, a great book on the subject by a prolific deal sourcer is called Dominate Your Ground by Mark I'anson


Good luck!

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I concur that Mark I'Anson is the guy to learn property sourcing from. Once you have read his book, if you want to know more he runs workshops on the subject


Warren Buffet offered to work for free and was accepted by the person he chose as his mentor to learn all he knew about stock market investing, so you idea has merit Anthony

Kevin Wright

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Mark's book is a good introduction to sourcing and covers the subject in some detail. As well as Mark's workshops, Gavin Barry, Ed Fowkes and Fraser Macdonald have teamed up and are running a course on sourcing professionally on 30 November. Details here - http://dealsourcingquickstart.co.uk/

Jayne Owen

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