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Refurb - told I need Public Liability insurance to do work myself


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I am in the process of buying a house that needs some work.  I will get electrics and boiler fitted by qualified tradesmen but most of the other stuff I will do myself - new kitchen/bathroom/decorating (nothing structural).   An insurer is quoting for the place to be empty for 3 months whilst being refurbed.  However, they have said that I need to take out a £1M public liability policy as I will be doing some of the work myself  - they also don't offer this and say I need to get it from another insurer.   To me this work is no more than any competent DIYer  would be doing but I don't know of anyone who takes out Public Liability when they do their own work.  Searching online the nearest I can find is self-build insurance but that seems overkill and the policy with the insurer covers the buildings aspect anyway.

Has anyone else come across this or have any advice?

Thanks in advance



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Hi Anthony.  Unfortunately my purchase has fallen through due to insurance issues - minor cracks put down to drains by the surveyor meant most insurance companies wouldn't cover it - the one that would was making demands that ended up making it unworkable but that's another story!

However, the last insurer I was talking to (Towergate) didn't mention this public liability requirement -they just said I wouldn't be insured for damage that I caused with the work I was going to do; which is fair enough.  


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