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Saying hi from West Yorkshire

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We have been buying Wakefield, West Yorkshire where prices have been steadily rising here.

We managed to hit the financial freedom target from property income, but still enjoy working the day job which is funding buying more. The ambition of getting a better yield than 6% - 7% we are currently getting, on the next purchase. Any ideas in West Yorkshire would be welcome.

 Our strategy was always to be great Landlords. We act fast when an issue arises and often enhance the property even when tenants are in, giving them low maintence gardens and make parking easy. USB sockets in the kitchen and bedrooms, new carpets and one of the other things we do on all of them is have the lofts professionally boarded with easy access wooden ladders. For the £1200 we paid on each property, the tenants may and do stay longer as they don't feel like they are out-growing the house, as extra storage in the lofts allows them to store things out the way easily and safely.

Not sure what else we can tell you of how we do it but happy to answer any questions or take tips on other areas in West Yorkshire you think worth considering.

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