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Introducing myself and changing my life

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Hi guys,  

My wife and I have been thinking of quite a change of direction for a little while.  

The basic plan is to sell the London house,  buy a home in liverpool, keep the current offset mortgage (as a cheap means of freeing extra capital) and have plenty of capital to invest.  

We plan to put the funds through a Ltd company as a significant loan to keep returns tax free as long as possible. My wife is a housing solicitor so we're planning to manage the places ourselves at least to start with.  

So much for the basics but there are a few questions that come to mind;

What's a sensible leverage level? Initially I was thinking 50%but is that to risk averse? 60% still gets good  deals and even 75% doesn't feel awful.  

We've quite a strong social motive so are quite attracted to providing good quality homes for benefit recipients but the move to UC feels worrying?  Does anyone have experience of this already? 

Thanks everyone if you've taken the time to read this and respond

All the best


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