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Advice on L & C Mortgages for personal buy to let mortgages

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I'm new to property investment and I am getting closer to getting a deposit together and so was starting to think about getting a personal buy to let mortgage in principal, before I start viewing potential properties.

For my residential mortgages I have always used Land & Country mortgages free service, which I have been reasonably happy with, so was wondering if anyone here has had any experiences using them for getting buy to let personal mortgages?



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Hi Chris,

It might be a bit late to respond, I've only joined PH today. I have used them for 2 mortgages just completed and 2 more are going through now.  The completed ones were 1) Extract capital from my residential mortgage for BTL, 2) BTL for a licensed student HMO remortgage.  I thought they were ok, the communication and systems are pretty good and they offer a secure facilty to send docs, which I liked.  However, the only way to have been sure would have been to compare the deals to an indy, which I didn't do.  TBH quite a few lenders didin't like the HMO student lets, 1) was also to invest in more of the same which limited the market again.  I'm happy to share the deals, both 75% ltv, 5 year fixed 1) Natwest 2.02% 2) BM 2.74%

There are better headline deals out there but everyone's circumstances are different and may not be eligible for them.

Im sure people on here know far more than me but I hope me experience helps  

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