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ruth barber

ex tennant using address to get credit

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hi , i have tenants that have been in my rental for over a year and are still receiving letters of debt for a previous property owner who appears to be still using the address to get credit. We have sent letters to all creditors but just wondered if anyone had any other advice please .

thank-you in advance 

ruth ( newbie!)

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Hi Ruth

Don't think you have any real obligations to do anything more than what you have already done. As annoying as it is, you can just keep popping the mail back in the post box as return to the sender. Then it's up to the debt collectors to find out where the previous owner lives. 

If the previous owner provided another address on the contract for sale docs, then you may decide to contact the debt agencies to let them know of a possible alternate address if you're bothered.

There's a thread here on the Property Tribes forum that has discussions about it

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