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The property transaction process: What happens next?

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Hi PH,

Glad to see the community growing here.

I've got the most basic newbie question and i'm a bit embarrassed about it..

So I've found my first property that I'm interested in that I think meets my criteria, but what do I actually do now. Does anyone have a link to a step by step process of the stages of going from now to purchase out lining when I have to part with cash etc?



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Hey Tom, good to have you posting here! I'm glad you're moving forward and identifying some likely candidates.


No such thing as an embarrassing question, either.


Others might have better resources, but I found this Nationwide guide a while back and it seems pretty helpful. It's geared towards residential buyers, but it's essentially the same.


Hopefully other members will chip in, and keep asking questions here as you go through the process!

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