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The ethics of investing remotely

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Dear Hubbers,

I thought I might solicit your views on what seems to be an increasing trend. Namely, someone (often from London or the South-East) invests in BTL property in the North, which then means that money is effectively being transferred from the North - where it is arguably needed more - to the South.

Of course, any modernisation undertaken in tired housing stock in the North (or anywhere else) can't be a bad thing. But the rental income is likely to be spent 200+ miles away and is not therefore helping the local economy.

According to a comment on this thread 

there is anecdotal evidence that London investors operating in Liverpool are making it difficult for more locally-based investors to find a deal.

Perhaps the fact that investors down South are helping to provide decent rental accommodation elsewhere in the country outweighs the fact that money is being transferred away from those investment areas. And of course it's likely that local tradesmen are getting work due to London investment money.


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It was my comment you are referring to and I just want to make clear I have no problem with investors from anywhere investing in Liverpool. I was just explaining that this is what local estate agents are saying. As dino v pointed out in the next comment, and I agree, there is always going to be opportunities.

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