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Nottingham Investor Experience Event - All Welcome

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We are running a one off event this week to allow some of our more seasoned investors to share their journey and learnings from early beginnings through to seasoned observations of what they would do differently.

Of of course it will also provide an opportunity to network and discuss the investing scene here in the vibrant and busy Nottingham.

Further details from:



The Nottingham Meetup takes place on the second Thursday of every month, find out more on Eventbrite (Nottingham Property Circle)

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Hi challisj I am a newbie to this forum and property investment. Just a bit of self-introduction, I am no BC and I am from Hong Kong. I have been planning to come to the UK and am looking to create a source of passive income to support my living (not fully, but at least to lessen the burden). I am not wealthy, not at all, so there are very limited choices for me. I somehow read an ariticle shortlisting a few cities which see potential growth in the next few years and Nottingham is one of them. You looks like an expert in Nottingham and I would appreciate it if you can share your views of Nottingham, whether it's worth the investment, what are the good locations and what is the entry property price. Thank you so much!

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