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rebecca thomas

Tenant wants to move in Girlfriend

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I have a long-standing tenant who is great .

He has text me to say he wants his girlfriend to move in .

no issue with that but he doesn’t want her on the Tenancy as if things don’t work out he wants to keep the house .

should I agree ? What are the implications if the tenancy ends and she won’t move out ?

would my insurance  cover her if she was injured at the property for example ?

advice appreciated 

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Depending on the original AST with the current tenant, you could perhaps allow him to take her on as a lodger and put that in writing, and then draw up a lodger's agreement between the two. As a lodger, they won't have the rights to the property and can be moved out at any time.

Insurance wise, best to check the T&C's as it may define it as 'permanent' tenants, so maybe a quick call to the insurance company or underwriters to double check the situation is covered.

Other considerations may include Right to Rent checks to ensure they're entitled to live in the UK.

Also if they're receiving housing benefits / universal credit. Sometimes if they are, they may not update their details and living situation, thereby continuing to receive benefits when they may no longer be entitled to.

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