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I have heard the Rob;'s discussing the importance of having a detailed tenants information pack if you intend to self manage properties.  The comments have been that a comprehensive guide, detailing what the tenants should do in a variety of situations will minimise the amount of calls the landlord will receive.

Does anyone have a template of an information pack that they would be willing to share, or be able to point me in the direction of where I would fine one?

Many thanks in advance


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Hi Andrew

I provide a brief pack for my tenants, but do not have a template as such but it is easy to duplicate once you’ve done one. This includes the following - 

- Boiler and control manuals 

- Copy of gas safety certificate

- Details of where the electric/gas/water meter and stop cock for the water and hot water stop cocks are, and service account numbers and emergency contact numbers. 

- How to rent booklet 

- Any other manuals of any other electrical goods such as the cooker/hood/fire/fridge

- EPC certificate 

- I also have the boiler insured, so I put a copy of this letter in with the call out number and details on it. 

- Electrical cert (if applicable)

- In some cases I often leave a reference to the landlord insurance doc, and what it covers just to clarify this, and mention that they should purchase there own contents insurance.

- Also, there are security alarms in a few of my properties and I also make a point of mentioning that it is there responsibility (if used) to reset or get an engineer to reset the alarm and maintain it, as I have had an issue a couple of years ago where I paid for the alarm to be checked and reset on purchasing the property only to find that a couple of weeks later the alarm kept going of in the middle of the night which was annoying for the tenant, but even more annoying for me as I was contacted a couple of times in the evenings, and had to pay for an electrician to reset it again....

I’m sure there’s something else but that’s the main chunk of it. 

I find that the more I add the less I get contacted, and if I do I can always refer them to the booklet. 











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Similar to Nick's response, here's an extract from our flat's welcome pack / house manual:


Happy to share the actual doc if you want, just message me. 

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