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Recommendations for Tenancy Management Services

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Does anyone use any online tenancy portals that aren't tied to letting agents? I'm looking to save some time on tenant referencing (I know there are loads of these available) but also sending out a tenancy agreement & renewals, organising deposit protection etc. I've done this myself before but usually have to source an agreement, find the latest 'How to rent', dig out the prescribed information on deposit protection, set up a document for online signing etc and I could just do with saving the time.

I asked one of my letting agents but he wanted to charge the full letting fee to me and the tenant and it's just a waste of money.

I'd appreciate any recommendations!



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Hi Daryl

Its been mentioned many times on these forums that Openrent are excellent for what you’re looking for. I advertise and reference with them but they can also arrange all the extras that you’re looking for. I don’t use them for the tenancy agreement as I’m in Scotland and we have a slightly different setup but others on here do.

If you click on referral link below you get your first advert for free and I get my next one for free. You’ve nothing to lose by giving them a try :)



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