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Which renovations add the most value?

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Having dipped my toe into the BTL market for the first time last year, I’ve recently decided to attempt my first flip. Me and my business partner are planning to pool some money together and buy somewhere, renovate, and hopefully sell for a profit. If it goes well we’ll go again, if the gains are modest it may just go towards another BTL... My question (or questions) are - Which renovations will add the most value? And perhaps more importantly - are we crazy for attempting this as when all is said and done it may line up with us looking to sell the property towards the end of the year when we could be crashing out of the EU!?... for a bit of background we are looking in the south east of England, namely Kent/Essex, as this is where my BTL properties are and the project will be easier to manage.

any advise would be appreciated, cheers.

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My advice would be to ensure you have a good looking bathroom & kitchen, neutral decor throughout & decent carpets - with underlay! Space is always important and you can't increase that easily so buy the right house not just the cheap house.

As regards Brexit etc - do your research about the area. People will still have move regardless of what is happening politically so again it comes down to the right house in the right location at the right price. In a quiet market good houses will always sell / rent so bide your time if the right house is not available and don't be tempted to rush in and buy just any old house.

Good luck :) 

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