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Searching for an episode

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Hi all, 


I am trying to find a podcast I listened to which had a couple from Wales who had 21 properties and they were sharing their experiences of self managing, giving  their tips, I'd like to send it on to a friend but I can't find it...does it ring a bell with anyone?

I recall that one of their tips was that they ensured that any housing benefit tenants opened a credit union account in their town which ensured that their rents were protected and it was helpful to the tenants to have the services of a credit union too.

The husband did the management and practical side and the wife ran the office and admin.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction, thanks in advance!

Kind regards,



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No problem - thank you for reminding me about it, because since I first listened to the Property Geek podcasts, my husband has got a lot more on board with the idea of property, and I think it might be a good listen for him too (now the horse is at the water AND prepared to drink!)

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Exactly the same thing is happening with my husband... I gave him Rob D's Complete Guide book and he's now much clearer about the attitude to debt principles, which has been a major reluctance and needs a change in mindset as he puts it.  It's really nice that he now is less dubious/risk averse to the business model.

I have also sent the link to my letting agent as I found the Credit Union idea interesting and I actually called him to tell him about it after listening to it, promising him I'd send it, hence the search!

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