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Have you heard of this developer?

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Hey fellow Hubbers!

Looking at some property in Sheffield and came across a development called The Fitzgerald by developers called PBS Group Ltd. The numbers seem to stack up really well and as this is phase 2 of the apartments, I have direct comparables for both rent and purchase prices which is great. It would be off plan with completion around October 2019. The only question I have really is about the developers, I have not heard of them, I have of course done all the normal googling and cannot find anything bad about them. Just wondering if anyone has worked with them or purchased from them before?



Looking forward to what you think?

Many thanks

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Hi Alex 

I was looking at the same developments and was actually searching for information about Sheffield City Centre and came across your post. I'd be interested to know if you found anything further. 

I took some comfort that they had won a refurbishment contract from the MOD for some barracks in Newcastle which one would think that they have to go through a fair bit of due diligence for. 


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Hi, I am a newbie to this forum so forgive me if l am stating the obvious. Have you tried researching the company and it’s officers using Companies House beta search on the web? Spoken with any current tenants living in the completed phase?



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