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the best way to purchase a VAT elected commercial properties to let out commercially

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Hi Rob,

what is the best platform  to purchase an Vacant  VAT elected commercial properties in order let out commercially or redevelop to residential .

is it through a new VAT elected Limited company ? 

 if I set up New VAT elected Limited company  today , or buy ready made  off the shelf VAT company ,will it be possible in a week time from setting up my new company  to purchase VAT elected Vacant  commercial properties  ( aiming to let out for investment )  and most importantly is the ability to re-claim back VAT paid  on completion .


I understand any rent chargeable should Plus VAT , i'm expecting  rent  revenue of £85000 in 2 years time.

what will happen if this property  redeveloped to residential at a later stage?.


Kind Regards




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