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Conveyancing Quote - Comparison

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Hi, some quick advice/recommendation.

I always like to use 'comparison' websites, for pretty much anything that i want a quote for i.e. car insurance, mortgage rates etc - it gives me a good starting point. The one thing i cant seem to find is a quote comparison site specifically for the conveyancing of a BTL purchase under a Ltd Company?? is this because the charges/cost for conveyancing is no different whether it is in a personal name or a ltd company? im assuming there will be slightly more legal work required, but surely not that much?

Should i only ever choose from the lenders approved list of conveyancer's? is there a reason that people would ever choose someone that isn't on the 'list'?

Would appreciate peoples view?

Many Thanks

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Hi Marc,

I've found if you're buying cash for example the conveyancing costs to be the same whether personal or Ltd company.

If you're using a mortgage it works out more cost effective to go with a solicitor on the lenders panel.  They'll act for both you and the lender.  You'll most likely have to obtain confirmation of legal advice on the personal guarantee of lending to the company.  This will cost you on top and costs vary.  The same Solicitors may be able to do this for you, or the lender may insist on separate legal advice.

Your broker may be able to advise you on a good solicitor for the lender.

Good luck

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