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Where to invest

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Dear all,

I am looking to invest in another buy to let, but I am unsure on whether to invest in an area I know in the South Coast (Southampton) or whether to go for cheaper places like Middlesbrough (TS1) or Liverpool (L7,6) within student hotspots but for single vanilla buy to lets.

My justification for this is the yields are higher and this will give me more cashflow to help accelerate the process for my next property after.

The downside is I will not be able to monitor it as much, so would it be beneficial to get CCTV and a letting agent who I trust with monthly updates.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.



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I prefer to have my properties where I can keep an eye on them. Even a good agent doesn't look after your property as you would & minor repairs / maintenance cost much more if you have to get someone in to do them rather than popping round yourself.

I used to live abroad & had to rely on an agent but now I live close to my properties I can keep them to a much better standard & then get a better rent for them.

Even with an agent managing them I like to get into my houses between tenants to refresh & do all those little repair jobs myself & this is so much easier when you live close by.

In the end it is your choice :) 

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It does come down to three things

1. how hands-on versus hands-off you want to be

2. how the numbers stack up in your local area.

3. income versus growth as a priority

If you are totally hands-off then better to go where the best yields/growth i.e north. Similarly if you are down south where the numbers don't stack up from a mortgage stress test etc perspective then no point doing it just to be local. Same if you want a good yield.

Personally I am in the midlands so can stay local while fitting the other criteria as well.

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