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HMO shall I get water meters fitted?


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Has anyone risked getting a HMO property changed over to a water meter?

Mine are currently not on meters and paying about £55 p/m. The gas and electric bills at the houses are reasonable, less than my own home. So as I always find it a lot cheaper to be on a water meter at my own home, it makes me wonder about the HMOs.

As the HMOs dont have hose pipes watering a graden, they dont wash a car once a week or have baths. Only showers and the washing machine really use much water.

Any thoughts?

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Money Saving Expert has said you're generally better off with a meter if you have less people than bedrooms. In an HMO, assuming you've converted a downstairs room, you've actually got more 'bedrooms' than bedrooms. I'd therefore suspect you'll be worse off with a meter, especially as tenants won't be bothered about saving water. 

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My thoughts on this would be to not have a water meter fitted. At £55.00 per month you have certainty of the bill and can budget accordingly, with water meters this could very up / down and make budgeting harder. Also, if each room has a toilet, basin and shower, it only takes a small leak or dripping tap or constantly running toilet, to quickly add up on a water meter. My understanding is also that once a water meter is installed it is not possible to get it removed / reversed at a later date. All food for thought. Thanks Matt 

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