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Tenants damaged flat on Day one of tenancy. What to do?

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Well, here's something I've not come across previously. Tenant has caused damage on Day one of the tenancy.

Friday I had professional photos taken of a staged flat, to use in future adverts.

Friday evening and Saturday morning staging removed and flat cleaned. 

12pm Saturday the inventory was done and at 2pm I check the tenant in.

5pm tenants tells me they've damaged the floor. I have a look and it's half a 5 pence piece gouge out of the brand new (good quality) laminate floor in the middle of the room. Credit where credit is due she did own up right away and tell me. She told me she thinks it happened while they were moving their furniture/fridge in. I'm not really sure what to do in this situation. If they'd dented the wall or door I would just want to leave it until checkout, however, because it's in a kitchen/living room and the gouge is deep and has taken off the top protective layers of wood and left the more soft looking underlayer, my main concern is when they inevitably mop or get water in the floor it could damage it further. 

How would you move forward?

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Hi Dennis,

Indeed, they should obviously pay for the repair anyway, but the guilt factor is important in actually getting the money from them easily. Also, it cements that they need to be more careful and not damage the property, from the outset. 

I am going to find someone to repair it and charge the tenant. Not easy finding someone who'll do a good job of the repair though. 

I'll add some before and after pictures once it's repaired 

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