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Property Investor No Money Down and Deal Sourcing Bootcamp

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Hi guys! 

I'm new to property and I'm eager to get started. I recently attended Tom Heaney's free course this weekend and I want to know if anyone has done the same course or has paid for one of his further packages. 

I have only just stumbled upon property hub and I am really taking in their advice about watching our for scam courses. It is great to see the free content on this website. 

As I want to secure a deal within the next free months is it possible to do so without paying for extra help? 

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Hi Abbiher,

Welcome, and good job on seeking out education to further your knowledge!
I can't say I've come across Tom Heaney's courses, but as a general rule I tend to be overly cautious on a lot of the teaching courses, especially ones where they try and upsell you onto other courses.

I personally think there's enough free content out there to learn all you need to, and there's books that can supplement this - Rob Dix's Introduction to Property Investing being quite a good starter book that brings a lot of the information into one place:

In terms of the deal you're looking to secure, what sort of thing are you looking for, and have you worked out your strategy for your portfolio?

It is quite sensible to workout what you're looking to achieve, and also what areas might be sensible for you to invest in based on your available cash, and whether you're looking for yield or asset growth.

Once you have your area to invest in, you're going to want to decide if you're going to hunt out the property yourself or use a sourcer (who could get a better deal, but at a price).

You also want to workout if you're going to look for a place that needs work (generally better returns, but more upfront work), or just park your money into a good, finished property that will get you a steady return.

Appreciate it's always a case of wanting to get going now, but a little think while hunting for properties will help you refine your search for that first property and get you in a great starting place!

Tommy | Trifecta Properties
Website: www.trifectaproperties.co.uk

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