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fiona a

Any advice on finding contractors to build a billboard from scratch?

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Hi everyone,

So i'm interested in erecting a billboard to make a small bit of passive income, however the only contractors that I've found so far are the big players like clear channel and JC Decaux and some others who seem to only be interested in managing the billboard for me and then giving me a part of the income. I would like to take care of as much of the process as I can so that I can reap more the rewards. Which brings me back to the stuggle of finding a contractor who will simply erect the billboard and leave the rest to me.

Any information on the process or people I could make a compromiuse with would be much appericiated!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Fiona

Have you tried marketing the job on websites like MyBuilder.com or Ratedpeople? 

Out of curiosity, what kind of cut do ClearChannel and JCDecaux take?
I see value in what they do as when one subscription ends, they should source you another advertiser. But then, i dont understand their fees

Feel free to add me on Linkedin;   https://uk.linkedin.com/in/dkidd

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