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n holman

Landlord Licensing Scheme / Agent

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I have recently bought a btl in Liverpool, and carried out a light refurb ready for the property to be let out - which is complete now. I understand there is a landlord licensing scheme in Liverpool and intend on getting a licence, but I figured I would get a tenant in for @ 6 months before I would purchase a licence as this seemed to be one thing that I could put of paying until I got some money coming back in to my account....?

So, I have used an agent on a tenant find only to find a tenant - which they have done but are now asking for my Landlord License, which  I have never been asked for before?

I told them I was hoping to stagger this until I receive some cash from the tenant, however they are after the licence before they will move the tenant in.... which is no problem... but is this the agents responsibility to police this..???

Is this normal procedure as I have a few properties that I have used the tenant find service but have never been asked this before...???

I must say that I am encouraged by the agents credibility and can see that they are doing there job, it’s just  is there another motive...???



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Yes all sorted now. I didn’t join the RLA as I’m a member of the NLA, which I know are in the process of amalgamating. 

Paid full price until March 2020....


(Money for old rope.... if you ask me...)  

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