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Hello from the Sunny (?) Isle of Wight.

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Hi to all from a novice on the Isle of Wight.

I currently have 4 BTL's but have been very casual about them so far. Planning to get a bit more serious about investing now. (Not too serious as life is short, happiness is not a destination, it's a way of life!)

I am always keen to chat all things property and can probably offer some assistance with technical issues regarding renovations and design.

Would be great to hear from and maybe help others with aspirations on the island or in the south.

Good luck all for 2014.


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Hey Sam! I just sent you an email saying that you should check out The Hub and introduce yourself, and you've totally beaten me to it!


I love your whole serious-but-not-"serious" attitude, and I hope you'll find some interesting local-ish people to connect with here.

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Thanks for the reply and yes, I beat you to it!

I should have added to my original post that my current BTL's are in Petersfield and Hamble (Southampton). I have not invested on the island yet as am actually thinking about sticking to Petersfield area for my investments. My reasons for my uncertainty will become evident in my next post where I will be asking the advice of the wider community!!

Enjoying the podcasts. Great work!


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Hi Sam,


A bit overdue hopping on this chain!


I am based on the Island and can safely say it is an awesome place to get a BTL!


The range of property available is like no other! If you wanted to have a chat about investing on the island, let me know and I'd happily chat!


All the best from 2021!



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