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Never ask a barber if you need a haircut...2nd BTL investment

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Background: I invested in a Deansgate South 2 bed apartment with RMP [now Property Hub Invest] last year: completion is due next Spring. A 10% deposit is already down.  Having just remortgaged my own house to release equity for the final 15% on Deansgate, I am thankfully now in a position to invest in a 2nd BTL property.

Question: for my second BTL should I wait 9-10months to see how well Property Hub Invest deliver the goods with the Deansgate apt before investing with them again?  Or should I find a BTL property without this property sourcer?  Property Hub seem to make everything quite easy and so far Ive been impressed.  But I am hesitant to invest with them before the first investment process is finalised, although I am aware that waiting to invest won't give me the best chance of capital growth!  I'd like to see if the numbers from the initial pitch are realistic and if many other significant 'unknowns' crop up before the rent starts to come in.

Strategy: I am investing for long term (10+ years) capital growth; large monthly yields at this stage aren't too important to me. 

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts, especially regarding full experiences with PH Invest/RMP.  Thank you.  

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I think its the deansgate deal itself that you need to look at rather than where it came from. RMP as a property sourcer are probably better than most given what rob & rob do for the investment community so I personally would not worry about them delivering the deal. For me the question is more around how will the actual property deliver what was advertised and will the numbers stack up when it comes to yield/costs/etc. The sourcer can only do so much when it comes to these things and its more about demand/supply/etc. Clearly RMP track record in picking hot spots and generally being being very honest about investing is pretty impressive but as the saying goes - the apst is not a guarantee for the future'

PS, while i am a big fan/follower of property hub, i have not personally used their services as a sourcer as i have a different business model.


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