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Buy to let/sell through my ltd

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Dear all

I'm new on this so I will try to explain my query as clear as possible.

I would like to buy and renovate properties, maybe starting with small spaces as a studio or similar, and then to sell them again for profits. I'm thinking to do it trough my Ltd so I can invest the money directly from my ltd account (I'm the director - no employees)

I got some basics questions on the above.:

A- is to buy and sell properties trough my ltd legal? Even if my ltd has been settled as a consultants company. I'm a project manager working on constructions

B- are the money used to buy and renovate the properties considered as expenses so they could be deducted from the turnover.

C- as above, the money that the ltd will get from selling will be considered as a normal money earned by my Ltd

D- Do you think would be better set up a new ltd dedicated for the activity of buy to let/sell properties?

E - Any particular suggestion? I'm good to find the properties I know how to work on that and the potencial they might could have...what I missing is all the legal process, taxes etc etc

Many thanks to all will spend a bit of time to answer



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