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Advice on letting agencies to use, etc

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Hello, as I am investigating into buying up north, I plan to mange it while I am over seas. I will be looking to network for local plumbers, carpenters, etc when I buy to help manage issues should they come. However I want to know if anyone can advise for reliable letting agencies to look after the property and rent it out as it requires... I understand there is a percentage on the rent for this, but what is the best way to do this, or who should I look to go with. My current interest is looking around Warrington, Wakefield, maybe Crewe and Doncaster. Thank you

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I think if you are unsure of which letting agent to use make a call list of the agents in your chosen area. You can get this info from Zoopla and rightmove easily. Then just call them all and ask for their advice on the market in general, specific areas, property types etc you should get a feeling from this to which agents are helpful and most knowledgable. You would also benefit from starting a relationship early, then during your property search you could ping the links over to the letting agent and get their opinion on the property and how it might let and what it might let for. All this would be backed up by your own comparable research of course. Just my opinion but I have found that’s a good way to start. Good luck! 

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