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Hello from Kent!

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Hi Matt,

I am at the very start. Aiming to get our first property in 2020, not necessarily in the SE but would be helpful if there was somewhere with yield around here! Don't fancy many long trips up north with a 8 month old in toe...

How about yourself?


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Hi Samuel.


I'm a very hands on landlord.  I'm on my 4th Buy to let, hoping to complete in the next few weeks. 

It's a full refurb, I would only buy local, I have toyed with the idea of buying 'up North' but it's never quite worked for me. 

My feeling is some parts of the south are being over looked, so if you can get a big enough deposit together you can bag some good deals, mainly due to less competition than up north. 

Good luck. 

Thanks Matt. 




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Hi, I'm from Kent, looking to buy refurb projects up in the North east, problem is I have the money for a refurb/deposit but not both.

Also I have family from the area up north where I'm wanting to invest, and know the areas very well! and my father is good friends with all types of great tradesmen, and I can stay at their place while doing refurbs, so ideal for me!

Looking to find like minded investors/JV partners.

Or if anyone wants to message me about general property investing chat feel free to message me.

Happy property investing all.

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