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Tenant Fees & Inventory Checks

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I understand that Landlords and estate agents are no longer allowed to charge tenant fees. I use agents on 2 of my properties and manage the rest myself. For the properties I manage myself, I usually ensure a check-in inventory and check-out inventory at the beginning and end of every tenancy. Covering the cost of the inventory, I let the tenant know that I am happy to pay for the check-in fee if the tenants will cover the check-out fee. 
My reason for this, is because I will usually deduct the check-out fee from the deposit

I have just renewed a tenancy which started July 2018 (pre-tenant fee ban) which will now run until July 2020. Just wondering where I stand on charging a check-out inventory fee at the end of this tenancy given that the terms were set pre-tenant fee ban? 

Feel free to add me on Linkedin;   https://uk.linkedin.com/in/dkidd

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