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Hey Fellow Hubbers! 
So my property in Sheffield is coming up for remortgage now and I am trying to decide whether a 2yr or 5yr is best. This is my first property and the first remortgage, so just interested in what people normally do. I know it depends on your goals, and for me, it’s maximise cashflow and pull out as much equity as possible to reinvest. I do like the idea of knowing what I will pay for the next 5 years but as I am only at the beginning of my property journey feel I need to be a bit more aggressive and recycle my deposit to get that snowballing rolling. So my thoughts are that rates will not go up too much over the next 2 years (according to economists but who knows with Brexit yawn), so I could do a 2 year and then a 5 year to lock in a lowish rate. 
I could also potentially just take a 5 year and then get a further advance or second charge mortgage to run alongside it if there is substantial equity. The 2 year would improve my monthly cash flow by about £30.
The other thing is those pesky arrangement fees, sure they give you better cash flow the higher they are but your mortgage ends up getting bigger and bigger, what are your thoughts on this? I know that it may look cheaper paying the arrangement fee, but you will be paying interest on that fee for the life of the mortgage right!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  If you need any other info to give me a better answer, please ask :)
Cheers, Alex
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