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Scotland Meet-ups???

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Hi Clare,

Property Hub had a revamp of it's meetups lately and quite a few of the meetups stopped. I'm not sure what the exact set up was with the meeting organisers but as they also started to charge £5 maybe that's why some of them were cancelled. Not that I don't think the £5 is justified and it's not done so that PH make a profit. Mainly to stop the time wasters who don't turn up I think.

I believe there are still free monthly meetings in Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh run by BSD Property Network but I've not tried them. I was going to go along to my local Dunfermline one but they seem to have stopped it.

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Hi Craig, thanks for your reply. When I was going to the Edinburgh meet up at Maybury Casino the £5 was to cover the cost of the buffet, none of that money went to Property Hub. I'm a little wary of the BSD meetings, when I was new on here one of their team tried to get me to go along by pretending they were the Property Hub!!!

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