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Hi Alex, this subject interests me....what else have you discovered with this LLP vx LTD.

I spoke with a Tax Advisor (BTL property specialist) and he introduced me to this idea of LLP rather than LTD - which i found very interesting and hadn't thought about before. I was exploring the idea of moving the x 6 properties i currently have in mine and my brothers name, into a Ltd Company for tax reasons (like most are at the minute) - but i hadn't considered the LLP route.

Be really interested to know where you got to with this subject and your thoughts on the Pro's and Cons?

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LLP vs LTD, the way that I see it (again further knowledgeable folks to jump in) is basically use an LLP if offshore dealings or ownership and/or tax exile.

could it simply be 'its all about the tax' or 'individual liability'?

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