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Furnishing Holiday Lets and Home Staging


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Hey everyone!

I'm an interior designer and I have recently worked on interior design projects and have done some home staging for property developers. Loved working with them as they (you) know their market and give such clear guidance, quick with decisions and transparent with budgets - ideal client for any interior designer! 

My question to you is - how do I get into a circle of smaller property developers who either invest in holiday lets / furnish their letting properties or interested in dressing their properties for sale (home staging). I'm working towards targeting my services more towards this area, but I'm a little concerned if I go to one of the meet ups with this, I will be sounding like someone trying to sell my services and I know these meet ups aren't run for this. Where do you look first when looking for interior design services? Recommendation? Online Search? This very forum?

Also, I'm interested to know what are your thoughts on furnishing holiday lets and home staging services? How much do you know about it and how do you decide if you need a professional for that?

Thanks in advance!

Inna (ihinteriors.co.uk)

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All who I know approached the staging services atAll who I know approached the staging services at least once. I approached the staging services a couple of times when I had problems redesigning my old summer house. I think the staging services are very helpful and can bring more interesting details to your daily routine. Atleast taking time for a consultation with them can bring more details to your design project. Personally, I approached only this onstage-online.com service since I was completely satisfied with their work to improve my house design. least once.

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