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katie sissons

First time investor, nearing 40, have plan, will borrow.

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About to change existing property mortgage to a BTL and have the equity released as a deposit for a new home in new location. Will retain enough of a fund for unexpected issues in the rental property as well as a start for the next BTL. 

Very new to this and reading furiously. I THINK a ltd company could be the better option as building portfolio (aim is to have 5 investments in 5 years). I THINK that investing in flats in Liverpool or Manchester is likely to be a better route than around my local area (Kent/Sussex). I KNOW I don't want to still be working past 65 and so I have to make this move now or suffer the consequences!

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Good luck with your journey.

If you need any help advice, please ask and if I don’t personally know others will help. Like drkidd said there’s a wealth of information on here.

best wishes and keep us updated,


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Great read, great determination. Keep the motivation.

I’m in my early 20s, understand my borrowing capacity and now have the deposit ready to fund my first buy via. residential mortgage with my First Time Buy ISA.

I am looking to find something I can add value to, so then I can take a similar approach of releasing equity to fund a BTL property venture via SPV Ltd company. So I will be sure to check back in to your thread.

Agree with the others, the knowledge here is great! I look forward to reading more about your journey, good luck! 



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Hi Katie

Good luck with your journey.

I am based in the Northwest and deal with investments In both Manchester and Liverpool. I would be happy to provide you advice on the areas?




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