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Forgetting about owning a property (advice needed please!)

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Hello everyone I hope you guys are ok and enjoying the bank holiday weather! 

Right. Ok, my mum recently digged out her archives and she realised that there was a property that my father owned in the 1970s in Hull. We all moved to leeds in 1983 and since then they somehow forgotten about this house. It was a 2 bed terraced house which has now been demolished (checking on google maps) The documents that my mother still had were the payment book for it which was paid in full, solicitors letters regarding about the property. 

After doing a quick search on the net I found out the solicitors that were dealing with this house have amalgamated. I did contact them but they haven't got back to me on 3 occasions. Making me realise it's such a complex issue for anyone to take on. 

I'm wondering does anyone know from their experience or know about the property laws regarding with this situation. I just dont know where to start or which path to take. 


Any advice would be very much appreciated! 


 Thank you 



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Land Registry may be an interesting place to start, see who is named the owner of the title now.
They may be able to track the history of it and what happened.

Though you probably want to go see a solicitor.

49 Years of abandonment with no one paying say Council Tax. They may have repossessed the property?

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Hi leeds8

Tricky one. I agree with Adam that Land Registry is a good place to start. You can search their records yourself with a postal address or title number. However, the property may not have been registered back in the day when your parents owned it (even now not all property is registered) so Land Registry may have no record of it. If it has now been demolished and redeveloped then it very likely is registered now because a sale would have triggered a requirement to register. 

If someone has demolished it that raises big questions about who thought they had the right to do that. You can't just go around demolishing other people's properties, of course. Have a read into Bona Vacantia land and also Escheat. I expect there is information on the Gov.UK website. These are systems where 'ownerless' land can revert to the Crown under ancient feudal property laws. If your parents were not around to object then it could be that this happened in their absence. Ultimately these systems can allow the Crown to sell the land to a third party to bring it back into use. Your parents' ownership may have been superseded by this but it's a complicated area and you would need advice from a good solicitor. 

Good luck getting to the bottom of it. 


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Really interested to hear the outcome of this. Prehaps a conversation with an experienced solicitor would be worthwhile, they would be able to advise on what should have and has happened. 

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