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Hi All. New to Property Invs, but in a useful industry already (Sort of)

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Hi All,

New to Property Hub (and property investing in general).
Joining following listening to Rob's audiobook, the Complete Guide...

I currently work within the manufacturing industry, specifically sofas, and therefore have many contacts within the furniture industry.
The irony is, whilst only in my property investment infancy, i'm quickly learning that unfurnished is almost always the best way to go!

Perhaps it will come in useful one day :D

Anyway, I've recently purchased my first BTL, in the North East, where i've found some good value.
Looking over the coming 6 months to invest in another, possible in North West, and then continue to diversify and grow from there.

There is 1 burning question that I do have, regarding the 'break even point' which i'm struggling to get my head around, but i'm going to post that in another feed within the forum.


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