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sean murphy

Can I have BTL property in own name aswell as LTD company

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Hey guys! New to the forum, would be really greatful is someone could help me out

as tax is a confusing issue even to the experienced landlords in here you can imagine how difficult it is to a newbie.

My question is in regards to owning property in a ltd aswell as in my personal name.  

I currently earn a salary of 35k and have just purchased my first buy to let which will push me up to around 41k on paper, I’ve worked out I could buy another in my own name before reaching 40% tax threshold.

my plan is to start a ltd company after this and buy any further properties through the company but keep the original 2 in my own name as they won’t be liable for 40% tax. 

Is this viable or are there any key points in missing?

any help is massively appreciated.

thank you


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When doing your calculation, just be aware that your income from property that is taxable is rental income less expenses BUT BEFORE mortgage interest payments. This may well push you into the higher rate tax bracket earlier.

Jagrup Lewis
Accountant & Client Manager







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