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Property Viewer in Middlesbrough

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Hi All

This may be a strange request, but are there people who live in Middlesbrough (TS1 area), who can view properties for me (I will organise the appointments) and pay for each viewing?
I am looking to buy some BTL properties in Middlesbrough, but the travel time is about 8-9 hours, for a round trip. I think it'll be cheaper to pay someone to do the viewing, on my behalf.

If so, please can you click on my avatar and send me a message. I will let you know what I need you to do and how much I can offer, per viewing.


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Try Viewber Sunama ;)



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I invest not far from Middlesbrough so if you need any advice let me know. I live in Newcastle though, otherwise I would've offered to do some viewings.




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Thanks guys.
I have looked into Viewber, but the costs are a little OTT. They provide a full video & report for I think £45+vat. So if I arrange 5 viewings, I am looking at £250+.

I'd much rather pay a fraction of that, to a Middlesbrough local. If I pay £60 for 2 hours work - I think that is reasonable (I don't get paid anywhere near £30/hour).

Oh and David, many thanks for your offer, I may PM you, in due course.

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