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Hi all.

Has anyone got recommendations for company’s supplying bridging loans..?

Im only looking to borrow around 100k. Never had this kind of finance before but advised to look into it following a property hub meet up last night.

Regards all


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Well, you should not really be looking at random bridging companies, such as:

  • Affirmative
  • Bridgebank
  • Castle Trust
  • Funding 365
  • Greenfield
  • Lendinvest
  • MT Finance
  • Octopus Property
  • Precise MOrtgages
  • Together
  • United Trust
  • West One

The best way forward is to find the best Bridging Loan for your needs and requirements.
Some offer better products than others, some have guaranteed exit on to term finance too. Some will only bridge if its a purchase and others are ok if its a refinance. Some will offer non-regulated bridging and others regulated.

You want to talk to a Mortgage Adviser that specialises in property investment finance, to find the way finance. The team linked my signature would be happy to help.

:wub: Get Mortgage Advice from my Team at Bespoke Finance on 08009202001 or email hello@bespokefinance.info 
Please don't take my messages on Property Hub as Personal Financial Advice, just a rambling guy passing time on a Coffee Break.

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