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Struggling to get mortgage for Liverpool City Centre Flat


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I’ve found two properties in the city centre of Liverpool (L3) about 5 minute walk from Moorfields station but am struggling to find a lender for the mortgages. So far Santander and Virgin Money have refused to lend with the reasoning that the properties are too close to commercial properties such as offices, restaurants and bars.

I find this very confusing as these are the reason people choose to live in the city centre. Both flats have a good potential yield and are in popular locations. I’ve spoken to my mortgage adviser and they’ve advised that they have spoken to several mainstream lenders who all have the same concerns (saleability due to proximity to commercial properties). My only other option is going with a specialist lender who have high product fees and interest rates which is pushing me towards pulling out and rethinking.

Has anyone else come across this?



First thought is to get a new mortgage adviser.

We had the same "problem" on a South Wales property, our broker sorted it within a few days.

Try Aldermore, they are much more likely to be sympathetic to nearby commercial property.

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We bad a similar problem with a client of ours for a deal in Liverpool. We recommended him to a broker we use in our business, and within 5 days we had the issue fixed that had taken nearly 10 weeks of cost and headaches.

Happy to make the introduction, if you're still in need - just pm me your email.

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