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Hi all,

I'm close to buying a property in Belfast, under a residential mortgage and having a family member living in the property. My plan is to come back and live in the property in the next 2/3 years, but anything could happen. The same with my family member, their circumstances could change, and they may not want to live there anymore.. so my question is has anyone done this before? And if I stayed overseas for longer than expected & my family member wanted to move.. what would be the case, could I rent to a 3rd party? 

It's 25% upfront with a 2.6% fixed 5 year rate on the mortgage, so hence why I'm keen to do this - as I have the access cash for the deposit and my family member would pay me the rent/mortgage while I'm away. 

Curve-ball.... , 

My partner who I've been seeing is also looking to do the same, with another property in UK. What if both of us moved back to the UK under both these mortgages and we were married what would be the case and outcome be? Things are moving that way so its a valid question I suppose.. 

Just trying to figure things out and what would be the best way to go about things for situation.

Any help / advice would be great..!



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