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Multiple Dwelling Relief/SDLT?

Marc Barnes

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Hi, does anyone have any experience of "Multiple Dwelling relief (FA2003/Schedule 6B)"?

I'm assessing whether or not to move the 6 BTL properties that myself and my brother jointly own in personal names into a Ltd Company. One of the major factors in my decision is the amount of SDLT i will need to pay by moving these 6.

I have come across the Multiple Dwelling relief (FA2003/Schedule 6B) which states:-

"Where 6 or more dwellings are purchased in a single transaction the purchaser can choose whether to apply the non-residential rates of SDLT.”

The Ltd Company i set up would in effect be purchasing these 6 properties and if i did this in one or a 'linked' transaction, could i take advantage of this relief?

If this was an option to me i would reduce my SDLT liability significantly - my questions is, has anyone done this? had any experience in this? or could offer me any words of wisdom on the subject??

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Hi Marc,

This question is really for a conveyancing solicitor, as they are the professionals who should give you official advice in relation to SDLT matters.

I've just had a quick look in the SDLT guide I have for my reference and you quoted it correctly, but ultimately it's a matter for a conveyancing solicitor.

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