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Aura Liverpool Student Accommodation off-plan Project Delayed - At Risk

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Dear Community, 

I'm an international first time investor who put his live savings into Student accommodation project called "Aura Liverpool". Their sales pitch was really attractive, 8% return guarantee for 5 years. My purchase (paying 50% of the value) took place on July 2018 with an intended completion date in September 2019 (and a long stop date on September 2020).

Later on, they send a "project update" saying the completion will be on September 2020. And Now, due to a developer issue, they need to refinance the project and the lender is asking for all investors contracts to be revised and to extended the long stop date to another year, hence September 2021. 

My solicitor is saying that my capital is at risk, and even if i decided not to amend the contract and enforced my refund on the original long stop date, he feels i might not even get that if the project goes bankrupt.

I'm seeking some guidance fro some experience investor. What should i do?

Does anybody else have invested in this particular project?


aura liverpool.PNG

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