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Bridging Finance

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This, I know, is a really silly question which I'm sure has an obvious answer.. but I'm going to ask anyway as I've never ever come across the answer even when reading articles and case studies about bridging finance. 

I feel as though I know all the in-and-outs about bridging finance, but there is one thing that is never mentioned... 

Where do you get bridging finance from?

You get a mortgage from a bank or building society... but where should you go for bridging finance - independent loan companies I'm sure - but anything more specific? 

I just find it strange that in all the podcasts/articles etc that I have read so far, the content of where to go to get one has never come up, and there's never been any suggestions or recommendations of where to go for one.

Can anyone who has used bridging finance before recommend a respectable and reliable company?



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