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I have seen a property that is coming up for auction soon. It is an end terrace.

The property was previously up for auction last month as was the house next door, which I assume was the same owner. Both sold at last months auction but the end terrace has come back up for auction again. It is not yet clear why but it is a total renovation required so maybe finance issue.

Or maybe to do with the deed.

On some prelim work I have done there is apparently only one title deed for the end terrace and the adjacent one (which sold last month and to my knowledge has not fallen through). I am also aware that some years ago when my partner was looking for a house she viewed the property and there was a shared door between the two houses, reinforcing that it has been owned by the same person.

I am assuming that steps have been taken to separate the titles of the two properties (otherwise how could they be sold individually) but it appears that land registry still has it as one property. Is there a time lag between splitting a title and it becoming clear that this is the case on LR searches?

The advert for the one that has come back to market is definitely only for the end terrace, they are not describing the adjacent mid as included.

The legal pack has not yet been published online and I await it eagerly.

Anybody have any ideas what could be going on here?



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As soon as the legal pack is available, have your solicitor look at it.

Maybe warn them (your solicitor) that it might be a short notice. Some legal packs are not issued until the last minute. 

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There is a lag from submitting an application to the Land Registry and it showing on the title register. This can be months, depending on LR's work load and the type of application that has been submitted.

The Land Reg, may be able to tell you if an application has been recieved but not actioned yet.

This information should be in the legal pack anyway.

You can ask the auction house, ask your solicitor/conveyancer and/or ask the Land Registry.

Personally I'd buy the register and plan anyway (they are only £3 each from LR) and if the title is not split approach the auctioneers and ask them what is going on? Once registered the government guarantees that the details on the register are correct, buying without one can be very risky.

If the title is split, it will show the date this was registered on the new title register and have the old origional title registration Reference number that the new title was taken from, and you can work backwards from there if you wish.

Hope this helps

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Hi all,

Thanks for your information and advice. I have checked the title deeds for the property I think is being sold and the one next door. They are definitely separate properties with land registry but for some reason the one being sold soon does include the number of the neighbouring one, e.g. instead of "10 High Street" it says"10-12" High Street but the entry for 12 High Street is simply "12 High Street". 

I suspect its a hangover from when they were connected to each other, maybe they were one entry at that time.

There are some shared access covenants and covenants about the party wall as its terraced housing so probably legit and maybe some kind of quirk.

Thanks all


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Hi Steve.

Is the title plan (outlined in red) an indication of the size, shape and situation of the property (where it is in relation to others)? Addresses with the LR sometimes get lost in translation, that's why you have a plan.

If they were from one entry, the new entry will make reference to the old one somewhere.

If you're really worried take a photo of the register and plan and post it up? Maybe black out the address otherwise the auction room may be very full :)


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